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My name is Tudor Pinzari and I grew up in orphanage in Benderi. I heard once on the radio, the 1st Moldavian president Mircea Snegur urged people to defend the motherland and be a volunteer in Transnistrian conflict. As many others I went  to military enlistment office and were taken to Benderi. That’s how the tough time have started for me , I was contused in the middle of conflict but after hospital I stayed till the very last day at the front. <br />
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When all finished I came back to Causani and during all 90s worked as a tractor-driver at Collective Farm in countryside. In 2002 my leg and arm were paralyzed. I had complicate treatment at neurology department, where metal splinter where extracted from my head, which trapped there while I was contused in 92. When I came back to my home it was demolished and everyone but me took apartments in Causeni in return. For two years I couldn’t do nothing because my leg and hand were still not so well for any activity. After being recovered I tried to get back the apartment in return for demolished one, but I couldn’t break the wall of corruption and bureaucracy so I went to Chisinau to seek for justice.<br />
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I’ve installed my tent at US embassy asking for asylum there, but as people from embassy told me I had no chances with my age and health to achieve it. So I moved to the Government building, to make my case public, so passing by people will see the problem i have. I thought the governors will not dare to ignore injustice and will take my case seriously. But despite my protest my case where delayed for two years at first instance and the same two years at Court of Appeal. For ridiculous reasons either judge didn't appeared at the court or the responder side. Maybe they just wanted to wait for me to die, but Lord gave me days and strength to continue my protest for the fifth year already.<br />
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Even now, when I lost the case at High Court of Justice I do not despair and will fight further. I’ll go till the Human Right Court u