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There was a steady rise in TB rates in the country until the past<br />
few years when, thanks to a concerted effort by the government<br />
and development organizations, there has been a slight decline.<br />
But the decade of neglect took its toll and, at 44 percent, the<br />
country currently has one of the highest rates of MDR-TB in the<br />
world. Moreover, while total TB cases have decreased over the<br />
past few years, TB mortality has remained constant, meaning that<br />
a higher percentage of TB patients are dying. This is a direct result<br />
of the higher percentage of MDR-TB, which is more deadly and<br />
difficult to treat than traditional TB. // Moldova is still the poorest country of Europe. Hopes to join the European Union are high. After progress in the past years tuberculosis is on the rise again. The number of new patients raise since 2010 and is on a level that has not been reached since the late 90s.