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Located in southwestern Serbia and with its range of 62 km, Veliki Rzav is the only river in state unpolluted along its entire course. Until it reaches Arilje town, river goes through uninhabited region and pure limestone canyon. Therefore it’s clear and potable as well as capable to hold small rafting regatta. Several local towns are supplied with drinking water from its source, Požega, Arilje, Čačak and Gornji Milanovac. As one of the shiniest pearls of the string of Serbian beauties, Rzav has been recently looked at by the eye of the industry of the entire region and the country as a whole. Several concrete-made dams are planned to be plunged into its beautiful tender body. If that happens, it will completly change the environment. The new, huge water surfaces will destroy stream-rapids, cliffy canyons, green whirlpools and healing spas of the river Rzav. The climate will automatically change itself and instead of Sun, we will get fog. Last, its influence on agriculture, the fundament of this region, could be only guessed, than.