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Municipality of Lazarevac. Trifunovic family arrived in 1999 from Mu?uti?te (Suva Reka) - Kosovo. Blagoje Trifunovi? (father):?When the army and the police began to recede, we realized that we were no longer safe. There was panic among people in the village, so we packed up our belongings on a tractor trailer and joined the line of vehicles. One of our cousin, a pediatrician, didn't want to leave. He said he wanted to stay, because someone had to treat children who remained to live there. After few days an Albanian woman killed him in his clinic. She brought a gun in a baby's diaper. I do not hope for better life here, because everyone in Serbia lives hardly. Many people are unemployed and most of those who have job, don't earn enough money for basic needs. I would like to go abroad. There is something I don't understand: my grandfather, my father and I have never had a fight with our Albanian neighbors. So, why all this has happened? "