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August 2012 - Serbia. Junkovac village - Municipality of Lazarevac. Stojanovi? family arrived in 1999 from Sma? - Kosovo. Sladjana Stojanovi? (mother):?We were in a good terms with everybody, there were no signs that we had to leave our home. My uncle was kidnapped by the KLA and we still don't know what happened to him. We were afraid that the same thing could happen to us. So we got in the car and joined the queue of displaced persons. We thought we would be back soon, so we didn't bring a lot of things, just some clothes. I was pregnant when we fled. As we were going through the Kosovo, we were scared because we heard gunshots around us.?Tamara (younger daughter) dreams of having her own room, and she wants to become trader. Ivana (older daughter) has the same wishes. Cvetko (son) do not mind sharing a room with parents, and he would like to have a cow.