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Turan Tileubay with her son Otanbek Mulik. 2 years ago they moved to Kazakhstan from China. Turan and Otanbek got the citizenship soon but her husband and Otanbek father Kasen Mulik had to go back to China to his mother funeral. Entering China he got his passport confiscated by the officials and denied his exit. In the beggining of November 2018 they arrange their meeting at the free trade zone Khorgos located on the noman’sland between China and Kazakhstan. When they met at last they were circled round by 18 chinese policemen who started to beat up them. First they threw her husband to one police car, second her son to another car and then her. She and Otanbek were released soon after interrogation for they already were kazakhstan citizens. Though Kasen were sent back to China and set under home arrest. Since then they have no news from him. Little Otanbeck was seriously injured during the arrestand barely able to walk. His mother have to got to the city centre from the suburbs by bus to a hospital for a medical treatment. <br />
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Туран Тилеубай со своим сыном Отанбек Мулик. 2 года назад в 2016 году они переехали в Казахстан из Синцзяня. Туран и их сын получили гражданство Казахстана, а ее муж и сын Отанбека Касен Мулик должен был вернуться на похороны матери. По приезду в Китай у него отобрали паспорт и не разрешали вернуться. В начале ноября 2018 они с мужем договорились встретиться на нейтральной территории - свободной экономической зоне Хоргос. Когда она с сыном приехала на встречу с мужем, едва они встретились их окружило 18 китайских полицейски�