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Majdan-Selbstverteidigungseinheit "Samooborona" - Die Einheit besteht aus ca. 150 Leuten aus unterschiedlichen Landesteilen der Ukraine. Ihr Lager hatten sie im House of Architects in Kiew. / The self-defense units of Indipendence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) marched toward Marinski park to demonstrate their power during a parliament meeting. Activists pelted officers with cobblestones and fireworks, to which police responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Together with many unarmed cprotesters they have been pushed back and forced to retreat to Indipendence Square. Majdan Self-Defense unit "Samooborona" - The unit consisted of about 150 persons from various parts of Ukraine. They were based in the House of Architects in Kiev.